Coming Of Age Short Story

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My “coming of age” story is when my family and I flew on an airplane for the first time. It all started when I asked my family where we’re taking a trip to, what month, day, date we’re going to take our trip, which led up to preparing for our trip.
It was 2010 at Guam International Airport. I was eight years old, had chubby cheeks, and curly brown hair. When my family and I arrived at the airport, as soon as we walked into the airport the smell of coffee and fresh glazed donuts had filled the air. As i was sniffing the air I noticed the white tall walls. After a long process of waiting to go through check-in, we finally made it to security. The steps we took to go through those shiny metal detectors with scary looking security guards standing by them, wearing their black uniforms, shiny gold metal plaque
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As we were searching and searching to find seats that could fit a family of five, we finally found a seat right in front of the big window at the airport. The view was absolutely amazing . Again after hours of waiting, we finally were going through this tube that transports you from the airport into the plane. The walls were like a light blue color the smell of old people perfume was in the air. Which gave me a headache and that warm tingling stomach feeling of when you're about to throw up, I did not throw up because that wouldn’t have been good. At first I was scared to board the plane, but as i got closer to entering this giant white and blue aircraft with wings. I was no longer scared, right when I walked into the Alaskan airline also known as the airplane. I saw a whole different setting of what it feels like to be in an airplane . The airplane had dark blue and white comfortable seats that could decline back if you wanted to take a nice nap without the person in back of you kicking your seat every time they got up, little tv’s in the back of the front of your seat