Coming Out to the World Essay

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High school is just another zoo; all the groups are types of animals, the popular kings and queens of the jungle. Jocks second in command continuing down the line till one get to the bottom feeders (scene). But as the closet kid in high school I was considered a hurt animal. Just following what the head/leader at the moment was doing. Most could say that high school was crappy or that it was the best part of their life so far. But for this guy, only one word could truly describe what his ride through this time in his life…shattering.
Oh sorry! By the way I’m Gabriel but please call me Gabe. What you just indulged yourself to a second ago is the insight to my life in high school. I still remember to whole time as if it happened all last week. I was a drama chorus kid growing up who wore a lot of dark clothes and was quiet most of the time....OK you got I was a loud mouth if you knew me but that’s it. Anyways, so it started in 8th grade when my friend Jonathon came out to me on the way home from school we both got off at my stop and went to my place to hang like we always did. He was one of the very few people I was really close too.
But even being so close to some people in middle school does get you in trouble sometimes or worse things get spread. Well since I was so close to Jonathon it seemed that everything was going good no problems with my depression issues or anti-social problems. Well for Jonathon opening himself to me like this made me feel special and good about myself that someone trusted and felt so comfortable with me, that they could tell me something like this. As time went by we got closer to each other and after a while I got a girlfriend which in middle school going into high school was a big thing. But apparently from me hanging with a gay guy 24/7 people start to think and rumors started to spread like the plague, and sooner or later I was thought as a cheating ass with a guy behind my girlfriends back. But what got me was that none of it was true, from what people were saying…