Essay on Coming To America

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Dear Alessia and Little Luca,

I really miss Italy; I have been in the United States for about five or six weeks, la terra libera!! But I wish you could be here with me, I always think about our child. However, my new job offers a higher salary and I will start saving some money for you to come here and live a much better life without hunger or poverty, we will always have enough food for our baby and ourselves, che meraglivia! The kind of life I am living now here in America was worth all the pain and suffering I experienced to get here.

We last saw each other in Port of Augusta and after I waved goodbye from the boat, I was taken along with other passengers to the steerage, which is located under the deck and we were not allowed to go out of there during the entire journey, many of the passengers got really sick. Di notte, it was always cold and we felt miserable, however, once we arrived we were full of joy and happiness. We got off the boat at a place called Ellis Island where many doctors were waiting for us; they wanted to make sure we would not carry any disease into their precious land. After they made sure I was healthy, some officers started asking many question, I told them I was only here to work and save some money for my hungry family and they let me in.

I now live in a city called New York, it is wonderful and it was easy for me to find a job, I thought my lack of experience would be a problem but that was not the case. I work in a huge factory