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I am from Bradford City, in West Yorkshire of Northern England. Me, and my mom moved from England to the United States of America. We decided to move after my uncle passed away during November, we traveled from Bradford, to Liverpool and had to go through a lot of very mental lines, paper works, and such just to get on a boat to travel over. The boat wasn’t as bad as people would imagine. The outside was rusty, worn down looking and as if it’d sink on any contact of water or weight. The outside of the ship creaked and from a first glance, looked as if someone dug it up from the bottom of the ocean. The inside though was air conditioned, with comfortable single beds. An amazing break area and supper area were they prepared loafs of bread, water and tea, wine and whiskey, and for all the sugar addicts there was a special section specifically filled with sweets crumpets and other after for anyone to grab, They also had afternoon tea time at 4 at the afternoon! The people who worked on the ship were some of the nicest men and women you’d ever meet and they wanted you to feel welcomed onto there ship and for the travel. The only cons of the travel were the annoying sea sickness from the stormy waves. Before the travel we had to wait a long very long time to obtain our green card and get a Visa so we could work. When we arrived on American soil, we had to go through the same deal that we did when we were trying to leave. Which were even longer lines, and even more paperwork? We got to our house and the first thing that we did was…