Comm 1001 Week 4 Worksheet

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COMM 1001: Week 4 Assignment Worksheet
(Part 1 of your Week 5 Perception Paper)

Directions: Please save the document to your own computer using the naming convention "COMMWK4Assgn+last name+first initial" as the Submission Title. The file name identifies you and indicates to your instructor that your worksheet is available to grade. Please fill in the answers in the boxes provided by TYPING in your answers. If you need more space than is provided, the box will expand as you write. So, no need to worry about space. Do not write your answers in a separate document because your instructor uses the rubric after each question to grade that section of this worksheet. You may use the rubric as a guide to make sure you completed that question
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For instance, you can just list the steps and give a one sentence description of your own example of each step. Remember, the boxes will expand as you write, so you do not need to worry about using only the space provided.
Step #1:
Explanation of the steps of the perception process. Selection, organization and interpretation are the three steps in the process of perception, they happen nearly simultaneously. Selection is sensory stimuli, i.e. the box is red the wall is white there are three doors in the room. Organization categorizes the sensory stimuli to aid in our retention of the information. Finally interpretation is where we determine the meaning of an event or interaction.

Step #2:
Description of your observers and how their background might affect their perception of the world. I selected three people of varying ages and backgrounds first a 47 year old wife and mother of two, an 82 year old retired firefighter who is a widower and grandfather of four and a 24 year old Lieutenant and graduate of Boston College.

Step #3:
Analysis of the observers’ descriptions of the photo. As expected, each had varying degrees in their observations, 2LT Domina believed the man was in his mid forties and resided in the California. My father-in-law thought that the gentlemen may be in his late thirties, and possibly out of work. Finally, my wife felt he may be in his early fifties, and she believed that he lived in the