Drug Trafficking Research Paper

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Drug Trafficking
Clara Gerl

Drug Trafficking
The illegal drug market in the United States is one of the most profitable in the world. Amid this voluminous trade, drug traffickers conceal cocaine, heroin, marijuana, and methamphetamine shipments for distribution in U.S. neighborhoods. “Drug trafficking is the process of moving finished narcotics from their manufacturing to distribution points” (Collins, 2012). Diverse groups traffic and distribute illegal drugs along US Highways. There are 21 million trucks traveling a total of more than 412 billion miles. Within those 412 billion miles, 35% are carrying a trailer full of illegal drugs, intended for sale in upper American cities. Illegal drugs are always on the move, using special tactics like weapons, radars, and special vehicles are how law enforcement crack down on shipments. Special agents in the Department of Justice's Narcotics Bureau work with local and federal law enforcement agencies to disrupt the flow of illegal drugs traveling through our highways.
Officers put their lives on the line to stop drug loads that pass through our highways in the United States. On several occasions, law enforcement has different tactics to deal with the situation. One major tactic that officers use significantly is there equipment. Without equipment officers would not be able to anything to stop the drug movement. Federally funded, agencies get modern technology such as vehicles and weapons. Most agencies are stocked with the latest, fastest most effective vehicle, the Dodge Charger. These vehicles have been molded to run faster, run longer, and maneuver over the harshest conditions. Speed is obviously a factor when the crooks are trying to race away with the drug load. “Those old Crown Victoria’s aren’t comparable to these bad boys said” says Officer Balderas from the Edinburg Police department. Officer Balderas has raided stash houses found money in hidden compartments, and seized more than three thousand pounds of drugs in his three year career. Most important the gas mileage that these Chargers have is amazing. They can run longer without having to fill up every four hours, which is an advantage because instead of wasting time filling up, he could be making a traffic drug bust. Another Piece of fine equipment is the weapons. All officers are required to carry a .357 handgun on the side of their belt. It is loaded at all times with two cartridges with bullets next to the weapon. Another weapon they carry in their vehicles is a fully automatic AR.15. This weapon is used in heavy situations when the suspects don’t want to cooperate. It is also used when officers raid a stash house or are undercover waiting for the bust. This weapon is a high-powered rifle that can penetrate a car and even bullet proof vests. Most suspects involved in transporting drugs tend to wear bullet proof vest to protect themselves from officers. Little do they know that the weapons the officers are carrying can eliminate the suspect in case of a gunfight. Another tactic law enforcement use is their resources. Resources like man’s best friend, dogs. Not just ordinary dogs, smart educated dogs that track, smell and capture any drug load hidden in a vehicle. These tracker dogs are officers too. These tracker dogs can smell any load hidden under a pallet of tomatoes, cilantro, onion and anywhere the suspects have hidden it. These k9’s are the ears, mouths, and nose when human officers can’t smell in a semi full of produce at 34 degrees freezing. These k-9’s are a major help to officers and have helped stopped many drug seizures. Another resource the officer use as tactics is undercover agents. These officers go deep into cover and pretend to be either the dealer or the buyer. Most under cover’s stay in role play for months, even years before they can make the official bust. These are the officers that risk everything to catch the bad guys to make our streets safer. These undercover agents