Comm 281 EXAM 1 REVIEW Essay

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Format of exam:
10-15 multiple choice: various content about studies, clips,
IDs: 10-15 terms conceptual about central elements of studies
Short answers for these, bullet points
3-5 sentence questions about concepts
CASE STUDY: hypotheses, methodology, results of studies covered in lec
Ex Case study on violence: is violence correlated with increased aggression
Answer the question and site three readings
Content analysis, surveys, experiments. Know enough to know methodology for gender/sexuality for example

Regarding clips in lecture: rewatch/listen to them and review key pts

Readings: don’t cover stuff that wasn’t emphasized.

Parasocial contact: know this well!
Need to know author names for studies

First Lec (research methods): Dependent (outcome/measurement/result of manipulation), Independent vars (what is manipulated)
Ext validity – generalizability of experiment results
Int validity – enables to determine causation. Fail to control/randomize participants, control gender

Lec 2: Ethics and principles
Listen to radio lab clip (what goes wrong when failure to adhere to ethics)
Concept - categories
Schema – theory about how social world works. Don’t need to know types of schemas. Helps us make sense of the world in a given situation. Possibility of subjectification, prejudice. More description based. Franzoi reading
Ex: green grass
Script – step by step break down of events in a social situation.
Ex: this guy next to me will dump beer on my head
Cultivation Theory – tv presents core sets of messages that people can identify as true in reality. Passive viewer. The more you watch tv, the more you see messages portrayed as reality
Residual core – take away all differences of participants and media programs, making these irrelevant but this was during an era where tv only had 3 channels, now more diffused.
And individual differences matter! Springboard for further research
Correlation does not mean causation. Survey/Content analyses
Doesn’t explain how media effects our attitudes, oversimplifies interactions
Availability heuristic (researcher, date, main pts)
Sullivan cultivation – tv influences real world viewer intentions and behavior. Perceive the world as more mean
Genre and nuance in rom coms
Segrin/navi – frequent tv viewing associated with decreased intimacy expectations. except Rom coms – increased intentions, different for other genres

U&G (using/enjoying)
Surveys/focus groups
Self-reported data not reliable correlation not causation
Vinmar/Rokege – all in the family. Selective perception – what we choose to get out of media. Selective exposure – what we choose as our media
Cooks/Orr – slight nuance. Additional support for selective perception/exposure. High racism/low racism will laugh at archie bunker.

Aggression – any behavior to harm somebody, not thought/intention.
Violence –
Downward spiral/ reciprocal determinism – people that have higher baseline aggression are more likely to watch more aggressive media, thus feeling even more aggressive. Endless loop

CASE STUDY – 3 theories (U&G, cultivation, Desensitization?) for one case, and one study for each theory.
Relevant studies

A stimulus that activates related thoughts/constructs, making them more accessible.
Ex: an ad sexually objectifying women, priming thoughts about them.
Hypothesis: after viewing DG ad, men are primed to more easily access thoughts about domination and sexual relation.
Stick to the definition for this, with a little idea from the clip.
Experiment methodology
Bushman – people who play violent video games more were more likely to respond more violently. Especially true for men. Priming is short term
Huesmann – longitudinal study about violent behavior.
Greenwood – nuance of above. Female action heroes
Bandura – Bobo doll and