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Large quantities of information is readily available on the Internet in this day and age. The quantity of information continuously created each and every day. As a university student it is necessary to ask, “how is the information found on the internet both relevant and reliable to use for our research?” Hopefully this article will provide some insight on how to evaluate information in able to ascertain that its relevance and reliability.

I have chosen “axolotl” as my topic of interest. For this chosen topic I have picked four online resources that is useful for this topic and will hopefully explain the reason behind these chosen websites. The four website are divide into informational website and social media platforms. The two information web resources I have choose to use are:


Two other web resources that I have choose which are social media platform to further my knowledge of axolotl include:

1. YouTube (
2. (forum)

The first stage of before you even begin to research online, you need to ask yourself the type of information that you are looking for, whether it could be facts, opinions and arguments etc. In my case the questions I want to find the answer to, “how to care for an axolotl?” According to Metzger (2007), there are five criteria that we should use to identify the credibility of internet-based information. These include accuracy, authority, objectivity, currency and coverage or scope.

Informational website
The first informational website that I have chosen is by John P. Clare (2012). This website is not current and fail the currency criteria, however the source of information from this website has been used in books in physiology textbooks that are published by Prentice Hall and Pearson. The author has a Ph.D. in chemistry, biology and natural science. The website itself has won a lot awards. The website provided me with deeper understanding of how to take care of an axolotl, such as the required temperature and pH levels of the water etc. It provides images and explanations of the signs of stressed axolotls if they are not cared for properly. The website is divided into section such as housing, food and requirements etc. In these sections the topics are thoroughly explained in details.

Second informational website that I have chosen is axolotl care fact sheet that has been posted on the Amazing Amazon website. They are an online shop that sells reptiles, fishes and birds. They provide care fact sheet for axolotl. Not only do they sell axolotl they are expert in caring for the pet to sell. They have some expertise in looking after the pet. The website also provide small tips and tricks to taking care of the fish tank (which applies to the axolotl). This particular website was helpful as it has quite a substantial amount of information in regards to how to properly establish an aquarium for an axolotl. It provides information about several different filtration systems so a person is better armed to make a decision about which filtration system is right for an axolotl. Being an online shop a person can browse different choices and buy what they need. This website was chosen as a source as the language used is informative and the organisation, Amazing Amazon, specialises in a wide range of animals which includes axolotls.

Social media platforms
The first social media website that I have used in aiding my research is YouTube video posted by majestic aquarium. They are the largest aquarium store in Sydney. An expert in their field posts the video and it is very short and concise. According to Wikipedia (2015) an expert is someone who has an extensive knowledge in the area of study based on his education, experience or occupation. They have an extensive knowledge of the axolotl and other aquatic animals. Their