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DJ Greenlee
Comm 250-media ethics group speech My group chose to work on Media Ethics. My group was comprised of Courtney, Zach, Brady, Myrell and me. Our goal was to get the project completed in the time that was provided and inform the class on media ethics. Throughout the speech we also informed the class on media ethics, the Super Bowl, deceptive nature, and the banning of commercials. I think we achieved the goal because the speech was the right amount of time, the class was very interested in what we were talking about and everyone in the group did their part, which made it successful. When the small group was trying to figure out what we were going to do for the speech it was easier than I thought it was going to be. We figured out how we were going to do it by everyone choosing a topic and just doing it. All of us knew it was going to take some hard work but we knew we could do it. Our implied leader was Myrell. She stayed on top of everything and was always there with everything we needed and knew exactly what to do. The groups task needs were very important because we wouldn’t have anything to do and the speech wouldn’t have been completed. We had to do most of the work on our own such as the research on our topics but when it came to criteria that needed to be talked about together we brainstormed the subject and decided on if it was good for the presentation or not. Luckily our group was made of a bunch of great students and everyone did their work and no one slacked off. Even though the speech was very good we all had some disagreements about what commercials should be shown. We solved it by just finding an even better commercial and moving on. Trying to find the right time to meet with the group outside of class was kind of the worst part because being a football player your schedule is very busy but my group understood where I was coming from. We scheduled our first meeting Monday the 21st but we had a mandatory meeting for all freshman athletes that we had been notified about at the last minute. But I made sure by emailing my group members and telling them I wasn’t going to make it and we rescheduled the meeting to another day and no one seemed to have a problem with that. Being in a group where everyone did their part I wouldn’t know how to talk to someone who didn’t. Throughout the presentation our group thought a lot about what type of information we were going to put into the speech. All of the ideas that we used took a lot of time and thinking. One of the hardest parts of finding information was trying to find why commercials were banned, what isn’t true about the product that is being advertised. I think that as a group we presented our speech in a great way because everything we said led right into the other topic and made everything more understandable especially having the Super Bowl at the end to sum up everything about the commercials, with it being the most viewed T.V. program at