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What is Your Definition of Beauty? Annie Dillard saw all the beauty that the world had to offer. She was able to see beyond what was there. She would look deeper into it and find the beauty of everything. One of the things she loved the most was to look at was nature and what it had to offer. The curiosity of how she described, “now-you-don’t-see-it, now-you-do” (114) fascinated her most. She liked to see what was hidden in the shadows and the small things that weren’t visible by the first look. Dillard is an observer, she wants more than what the first look can offer. My personal view on the world and what I consider the most beautiful sight is all the nature that our world gives; from the plants to the animals, to all the beautiful stars that fill the sky at night; the world has so much beauty to offer. In the wintertime when I go outside at nighttime and look up to the sky, I see millions and millions of sparkling lights. It is one of the most beautiful, breathtaking sights to see. Of course everyone has seen stars, but never the way I have. I sit outside for hours and just look up it’s my favorite thing in the winter because in the summer the sky looks pale as opposed to how dark it becomes in the winter. Looking up I see a giant dark canvas, covered in millions of lights, smaller ones bigger ones, while some twinkle other stand completely still, some brighter and some very dim, it is amazing to look at. When one simply glances at the night sky everything is not as bright, everything seems still like a painting. Like Dillard, I am curious about all the fascinating things. I enjoy seeing more than what a simple glance can give; I like to see more than what is at the surface. Dillard says, “the lover can see, and the knowledgeable” (115), because these people are more careful and hold more power, is perhaps why she says this. Because the people who aren’t lovers don’t care for too much, rather they just keep on going, they never stop to ‘smell the roses’. The knowledgeable always want more; they have a want for more. A knowledgeable person loves learning and finding more and that’s why they are more careful. Never forget knowledge is power. They take second and third looks and want to know why something appears that way. Lovers and knowledgeable people care more about the little things. I perceive the world as being something that is extremely strange. I admire many things that the planet has. What I see is a big beautiful place full of strange things. What we see reflects how we take everything in. Ignoring things makes a person see less and not appreciate the small things. Whereas, if I pay attention to something and why it looks a certain way and take in the beauty it offers, I see the world as a whole as far more beautiful. Seeing and appreciating what the planet offers is affecting our perception all the time. A person is not able to see and take in everything if they aren’t changing they way they see things. If a person never wants