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Steven Heimbach
January 19, 2014 My grandfather was in the military and served his country during the Vietnam War. He was in Vietnam for two years during the war. He then worked for a crane operating company, where he worked over 50 hours a week. He worked 50 hours a week for nearly 20 years and then he went into his next endeavor. My grandfather currently does a lot of manual labor, because he works as a plumber and electrician. All of his hard work is a testament to his drive as a person. My grandfather has an undying work-ethic that will work all year around and he never takes a day off. My grandfather also takes care of my grandmother who has been bound to a wheelchair since the summer of 2011 because of a rare auto-immune disease that affects her ability to function. My grandfather works 40 plus hours a week, and instead of going home to relax he has to go home and take care of my grandmother. He also is the township supervisor of the town of McAlisterville. McAlisterville is the town I live in and he has been the supervisor of the town for 12 years. He also attends Cedar Grove Church every week and is an avid reader of the bible. He is on the church board at our church where he makes a lot of influential decisions in the daily functions of our church. He also owns a lot of houses in town, which he rents out to the citizens of McAlisterville. He does rent these apartments for a price, which is extremely cheap. He rents out an average apartment for 300 dollars a month, and the average price for an apartment in our town is a lot more than that. Another thing that he does is when he does jobs for senior citizens he gives them a discount. A normal person would not do anything for them, but that