Commemorative Day Short Story

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Dad shouted up the stairs, “Come down here now!” not knowing how tiring but also extravagant this commemorative day was going to be nor knowing what it would bring.

Had I actually overslept? Why didn’t my alarm clock sound? Anyway, I opened up the blinds in my bedroom unveiling the majestic sun glistening, cloudless, vast, pure sky which means only one thing to a child: the ideal day for an adventure. My family and I were spending our annual holiday abroad on the island of Culebra, Puerto Rico. All week my eleven-year-old brother, Isaac: my nine-year-old cousin, Casey; and my six year old self had been talking about how great it would be to take our brand new inflatable boat on an adventure to Culebra’s neighbouring island, Cayo Norte. I knew that day was the perfect day for our long awaited journey.

We scampered down the stairs to find my dad leaning over a bowl of cereal whilst reading the newspaper at the kitchen table. The three of us seated ourselves next to him, and he
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The sudden jerk in direction caused my brother to let go of and lose one of his oars in the sea. My dad still trying to remain tranquil told my brother to put his other oar in the boat as we were going to have to ride this one out.

My dad realised that there was no point in rowing right now, as the current was too strong and all it would do was waste our energy. Believing things would calm down soon, we sat stiff for a bit until we were able to get back to our journey. I peeped back towards the bay, and that’s when I realised just how far we had gone. I began shaking, and then tears started spewing onto my face. My brother wrapped his arms around me, continuously murmuring, “It’s going to be okay. Please don’t cry!” However, hard I tried to calm down, the fear always managed to