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Good after noon Defiance students and to all your family and friends who could be here today supporting us through this amazing privilege.
Class of 2015 I am finally standing here representing us through these four years of high school and to all the years before that. It's been a great ride and through it all it was because of the parents, the teachers, the administration, our friends and most importantly ourself.
Thank yourself for making it here today and don't forget to thank the people who got you here. I Kendall Kiessling standing here today want to thank all of you for giving me this opportunity to speak in front of you on this special occasion and to live my greatest dream of all by doing it. It seemed like yesterday my mom was yelling at me to get up and when I wouldn't threatening me to go to bed earlier next time, the days were she had to pick out are outfits, even though we normally through a fit if it's not what we wanted to wear, the days where we were learning how to tie our shoes, and crying when our parents would drop us off on our first day of kindergarten. I remember all the naps the teachers would try to make us take, and now we are standing here today 13 years later wondering why we never took

those naps and wishing we still had those naps throughout the years.
So how do we measure the time we've spent In high school? In the beginning we measured it by the class periods down to the day we get out of here. As the days and weeks passed it then counted down In semesters Then eventually in years. In later in years when we started out being the clueless freshman to the Think we know it all sophomores who thought they had everything figured out. And by our junior year we just couldn't wait to be seniors. Then soon time flies by and we are finally seniors thrilled to know its our last year if high school. Our time is up, and it's up to the next class to fill