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The Door by Miroslav Holub describes that change in your self involves taking the chances and opportunities that are present to us and taking risk of embracing that chance. The door acting as a barrier that keep us limited and not reaching our full potential. By ‘Go and Open the Door’ you can explore the unknown that lies beyond the door and stepping out of our comfort zone to achieve something. This is saying how some people are really afraid of the concept of something new and unknown. For some people, the door represents impossibility. the poem reminds us that there are no certainties when we open the door, just varied opportunities which are then listed and range from something common and ordinary (“a tree”, “a dog’s rummaging”) to the fantastic and abstract (“a magic city”, “the picture of a picture”).
The italicised word ‘maybe’ however, warns the individuals that the change may be challenging and tough. It also suggests that what lies beyond the door will be different to everyone. Holub uses negative, animal imagery to show that what individuals may uncover is common (‘Maybe it’s a dog rummaging’) and concrete imagery to give a possibility that what they encounter will be abstract (‘a magic city’). These opportunities may enable the individual to surpass reality and shift into a magical world. ‘Eye’ is symbolic of the windows to the soul. Holub uses this symbolism to imply that individuals can go through a process of self-discovery. These quotes demonstrate that there are varied opportunities. ‘Fog’ represents confusion or ambiguity upon opening the door; although the poet assures readers that ‘it will clear’. Even if what the individual encounters is minor, the change is still beneficial, “at least there’ll be a draught”.


S – The poem The Door by Miroslav Holub demonstrates to us that change in self involves taking chances and…