Commerce: Food and Aldi Essay

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Year 9 it’s Your Money Report Aldi and Coles Supermarkets
Customers are people who buy products and services from other people (usually companies of one sort or another). What customers think and feel about a company and/or its products is a key aspect of business success. Attitudes are shaped by experience of the product, the opinions of friends, direct dealings with the company, and the advertising and other representations of the company. The Importance of supermarkets to consumers is Important as we need supermarkets to get our daily needs. Supermarkets provide good service and fresh food which is what consumers mostly need.
On the 5th of September, Year 9 commerce class went to the lakeside shopping centre. The class went into The Coles and Aldi supermarket to compare the differences in both of those stores.
For over 90 years, Coles has continued to deliver quality products, outstanding customer service and great value to millions of Australians. ‘Today, our long term commitment to helping Australia grow means we’re working towards a sustainable future, forming lasting relationships with Aussie farmers, and supporting local jobs in the food industry’.
ALDI is already one of the top 10 Australian retailers. In our short time they have influenced grocery prices, improved the perception and quality of private label goods with our own exclusive brands philosophy and introduced a number of market-leading initiatives never before seen in Australia. In 2009, ALDI was awarded the Australian Retail Association’s ‘Australian Retail Innovation of the Year’.
Paragraph One-
Supermarkets characteristically say that they merely respond to consumers’ wants and that, if they get it wrong, consumers will go elsewhere. However, it can be argued that they also play a key role in shaping consumer demand and that, because of the power they wield in the marketplace, they have a strong influence over what consumers buy, and how and where they buy it. Supermarkets can be seen as gatekeepers rather than passive transmitters of consumers’ wishes, and their gate-keeping role can work to the detriment of consumers and suppliers alike.
The strategies that Coles used were to attract consumers to a certain product, sell more of an existing product and special promotions. Coles marketing techniques were to sell the product consumers were mostly attracted to and have a good price on it.
Aldi uses advertising inside and outside the supermarket. Aldi also sells clothing, home appliances (a variety of stuff), this makes the consumers to buy their different appliances as Aldi is a supermarket that is cheap for the families/consumers.
Paragraph Two-
Aldi has a different checkout than Coles. Coles uses a different checkout and runs it differently than Aldi does. Coles uses plastics where Aldi