Commerce In The Post-Renaissance World

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24 July 2010
Essay Exam

Commerce in the post-Renaissance World

Commerce, throughout the post-renaissance era has become increasingly more important. In the seventeenth century, the idea of Technological Project (control of nature for human benefit) was introduced by Bacon and Descartes. This was very important because at the time, many people thought in terms of conformity to nature, not in terms of transforming nature for human benefit. Thinking in terms of conformity constrains individual freedom as far as innovation, which is the opposite of what TP is trying to accomplish. Inner-directed individuals are required for TP in order to produce innovative ideas that are both scientific and technical, in order to understand and
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Rules of law entrenches individual rights through constitutional walls, and provides political power through fair elections. Fair elections also provide such freedom where people can express their own political views as individuals. Such system of rules is designed to allow individuals to achieve their self interests without interfering. The rules of law provides the rules, but does not determine the outcome, such as baseball rules are in place to govern, however they do not determine the winner and loser in the game. The outcome is determined by the individuals and their ideas, creations, and innovations.
In order for a government to remain limited and not become authoritarian, it is necessary to have a certain type of people, such as autonomous, inner-directed persons. Having a limited government does not come solely from the laws set in place or the way the government rules, the people are a key player. Such people must be autonomous (those who rule themselves, they impose order on their lives to achieve goals they have set). They are able to achieve these goals due to the freedom they are given to be individuals. This type of person is perfect when it comes to the TP. Autonomous people are very inner-directed, like those needed for TP. Since wealth is a means to achievement and freedom, the ultimate purpose of TP is to let these people express their freedom, not create wealth.
Since autonomous people want to run their