Essay on Commercials: Advertising and Underlying Selling Points

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Why Commercial Ad’s Work?
We are surrounded by commercial advertisements that compete for our attention. We are drawn to many different types of media. They attract men and women by inspiring us to purchase products they endorse; through sexuality by exploitation and the co-rosiness of child like cartoon images. One would think they were selling merchandise, but that’s not necessarily so.
Through advertising and marketing you can gain ones attention and turn a profit for your business. According to a consumer “These underlying selling points, ad focus to what consumers may find as more important than just the product they are selling” (Reed 2009). “Advertisers spend too much time trying to get you to spend your dollars” (Reed 2009), on the number one selling product. This will give the consumer great potential and turn a high profit; sending you home with empty pockets. This is far too much to stomach; after the fact you were sold on infatuation. Furthermore, one would think buying what they need is more sufficient then without the “hype” (Reed 2009).
Since advertising became a big business the use of sexually suggestive images sell just about everything really emphasizes the point that sex is a merchandiser's best friend. When we look at big companies like, “Old Spice”; they tend to target their audience from a much larger scale. They focus on the intelligence to lure women into buying their product; made for a man. This is interpreted in a way a woman can fantasize how the product works well when used by her man. Sure, this attention-getting strategy is popular, but does it work. They show famine excitement by showing the masculinity of a man chest while he’s in the shower; gives you the desire of putting you in a feel good mood; not focusing on the product being sold. It’s more likely to gain your attention; however, misuse of sex appeal can be costly. It ponders human desire, by empowering women and exploiting men. They provide an easy source of income for women. In the, “Old Spice commercial, with the man on a horse”, he’s advertising body spray which contains a blatant and hilarious