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Committee Head Descriptions

Thank you for your interest in a Committee Head position. We are excited that you are considering this excellent leadership opportunity. The Committee structure develops the culture and instills the traditions of the brotherhood through the planning, execution, and review of all events pertaining to the Fraternity. All Committee Heads will be responsible for shaping the direction of their specific committee, and will also be responsible for:

- Facilitating biweekly meetings at a consistent time and place. - Attending biweekly Committee head meetings, facilitated by the Vice President, in order to discuss progress being made within each committee, and to brainstorm as a group ways to overcome any challenges that might occur. - Submitting weekly reports to the Vice President detailing what accomplishments were made within the committee during that week. - Properly delegating any tasks or responsibilities placed upon the committee to each committee member. - Communicating the details of specific events of the committee in a timely manner to the Fraternity. - Planning each event in detail and in advance using the proper documentation. - Facilitate the review of events after they take place to identify what went well and what should be improved upon to make the event more successful the next year.

Throughout this form you will find information regarding the responsibilities of each committee.


The Brotherhood Committee Head oversees the planning and execution of events for the members of the colony in order to build bonds of brotherhood. Some of the committee's initiatives include:

- Provide events for brothers that help them establish bonds with each other.
- Provide programming to discourage cliques and division within the fraternity.
- Look for brotherhood opportunities with other fraternities on campus.
- Build relationships and put on brotherhood events with other chapters of Sigma Pi.


The Social Committee Head provides oversight to the committees initiatives towards creating and fostering partnerships with Greek and Non-Greek student groups on campus. Some of those initiative are:

- Foster relationships between the social representatives of student organizations and collaborate to promote social interactions.
- Aid in the planning and execution of events with other student organizations.
- Provide event coordination and management in regards to fraternity hosted date parties and formals.
- Know and understand FIPG Risk Management Guidelines, as well as social policies set in place by the University of Kentucky
- Document and confirm that all social events are within FIPG guidelines.


The Recruitment Committee Head oversees the growth of the Fraternity through various initiatives of the Recruitment Committee:

- Addition of Names List per semester.
- Contacting PNMs that were designated E Status.
- Planning a series of small recruitment events.
- Establish Growth Goals per semester.
- Developing a semesterly recruitment plan that focuses on Dynamic, 365, recruitment.
- Developing a system for presenting PNM profiles to the chapter in order to extend bids.
- Planning events for Formal Rush during the Fall and Spring Semesters.

New Member Educator

The New Member Educator is in charge of teaching the traditions of the Fraternity and develops the culture of the colony. It is the New Member Educators job to Head the NME committee and assists with a variety of initiatives:

- Execute an 6-8 week NME program for all members that teaches them the history of Sigma Pi, as well as what it means to be a Sigma Pi.
- Prepare the fraternity to pass a final test in order to initiate.
- Orient and integrate new members into the fraternity and it's structures.
- Teach the traditions of the fraternity to new members.
- Provide Non-Greek education to all members of the colony, as well as developing a system to teach new