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David Fu
World Literature/ A Block


Common Application Writing #2

Just like other high school students, I have a story that is so central to my identity that I believe my

application would be incomplete without it. In 2008, there was a 8.8 quake that destroyed countless hones and bridges, which killed almost eighty thousand people. I clearly remember that was just three days after the
5.12 Wenchuan earthquake happened, my father, who was already sixty years old, personally flew to the disaster area with nearly ten tons of supplies. Because that was right after a magnitude eight quake, aftershocks were still frequently, as his son I was really worried. But my father 's words touched me, he said that every time when he imagines there are countless people do not have enough foods and clothes, he really want to do something for them. So he contacted with one of his friends who works for a shipping company, and sent around ten tons of tents, down jackets, and foods to the disaster area. And just one week after his first trip to Wenchuan, he took me and my older brother went back there again. My mother was very anxious, because after the earthquake disaster has almost become tracts of ruins, there was a great possibility of the occurrence of the epidemic. But my father thought it was worth it to take that risk, because he really wanted me and my brother not only to help those people, but also take this unfortunate event as the life experience.
When I first arrived the disaster area, I was shocked by the scene in front of me. Countless of buildings and bridges had been destroyed by the earthquake, a pungent smells flew in the air, echoes of cries of pain reverberate in my mind. I even saw relatives cry next to the recovered body of a student near a school at the town of Wenchuan. The scene in front of me had immediately moist my eyes, that was the first time I have seen a dead body in a true sense. Honestly, I felt so helplessness at that time, because I realized the tininess of the human beings in front of the natural disaster. But I started to understand why my father took me to wenchuan, that is because he wants me to learn how to keep an optimistic attitude when I overcome any adversities, we never know what is going to happen in future. And I also shocked by the strength of
Wenchuan’s people. I couldn't believed just a week after the earthquake, people had already…