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1. American Revolution a. Summary i. American colonies decided that the government of King George III of England was taxing the colonies unfairly and without proper representation. The colonies had written and signed the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776, yet the colonies were not officially Independent until Cornwallis surrendered at Yorktown on October 19, 1781. b. Causes of American Revolution ii. Freedom, Taxation without Representation, Age of Enlightenment c. Important outcome of American Revolution iii. End of British rule over America 2. French Revolution d. Lois XVI iv. Came to power at start of revolution v. Weak and indecisive vi. Marie-Antionette (Austria) [Louis’ Wife] 1. Obsessed with spending money vii. Together, put country in debt over 2 billion livres viii. Ate immense amounts, spent money that was the countries ix. The two were executed e. Third Estate x. Tired of their treatment xi. Respect and actual say in government xii. Tithe for their crops; starvation and malnutrition xiii. Most trouble paying for bread xiv. Began violent revolts f. 1794-Robespierre xv. Terrible ruler, killed thousands by guillotine, unfair trials xvi. Overthrown year later xvii. New Constitution 2. Gave people unalienable rights, was issued. 3. Russian Revolution g. Alexander III xviii. Autocracy xix. Halted reforms, enforced autocratic methods xx. Censorship of papers and schools xxi. Political prisoners exiled xxii. Russian official language xxiii. Jews new target h. Nicholas II xxiv. Factories double xxv. Russia still lags xxvi. 4th producer of steel xxvii. Trans-Siberian Railway i. Bloody Sunday xxviii. 1905 xxix. 200000 workers and their families xxx. Petitions xxxi. Open fire killing xxxii. Duma - first parliament j. March Revolution xxxiii. Women on striks xxxiv. 5 days of riots xxxv. Nicholas steps down xxxvi. Lenin and Bolsheviks gain control k. Bolshevik Revolution xxxvii. People rally xxxviii. Storm winter palace xxxix. Bolshevik Red Guards xl. Offices took and arrested leaders l. Causes xli. Poverty caused discontent xlii. Distinction between rich and poor xliii. Weak tsar m. Impact of Russian Revolution xliv. On Russia 3. end of an autocratic rule 4. establishment of a socialist govt, 5. educational reforms 6. industrial growth n economic development 7. withdrawal of russia frm the world war 8. emergence of russia as a major power of world 9. equal rights to all nationalities xlv. On World 10. Communism 11. Global tensions 4. Haitian Revolution n. Took place in Saint Domingue xlvi. Richest European colonies in the Americas 12. Generated 1/3 of all French Trade 13. Economic success based on one of the most brutal slave reginmes in