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Common Core Education: Yes or No?
Angela Bergey
South University Online
Eng. 1200
Week 3, Assignment 1
Leslie Collins
April 8, 2014


Layton, L. (2013,). Georgia, Oklahoma decide not to adopt common core standardized tests. The Washington Post. Retrieved from:
Layton has taken the education plan that Indiana and Florida have developed and showed us that not everyone is for such a plan. It is costly for each student to test and tests more of the in-depth thinking of the students than the tests that have been around for 40 years. The new common core standards allow schools to make their own education plan for their students versus having to teach what they are told to teach.

Oklahoma dems: Rep. Joe Dorman speaks out against common core. (2014, Feb 26). Targeted News Service. Retrieved from
Rep. Joe Dorman takes to the platform telling the public how the common core system is not for the students and teachers of Oklahoma. It is mandated by the government and is not an accurate way of measuring our children. Dorman calls the tests “inaccurate and unreliable”.

Troutner, J. (2012). Common core, content creation, and curriculum. Teacher Librarian, 40(2), 48-50. Retrieved from

Getting some much needed information sites and details from within the educators can give us some insight as to what an educator deals with every day on the common core questions. We can never have enough information on what is going on within the schools that are teaching our kids.

Carter, M. S. (2014, Mar 17). Common denouncement: 200 rally at Oklahoma capitol for elimination of core standards. Journal Record. Retrieved from
A parent with children in the k-5 school system know that trying to help your child (ren) with their homework can be so very difficult. Parents and educators statewide traveled to the state capital to show the state representatives their support to vote to take the common core curriculum out of the school systems. Parents of students statewide have chosen to educate their children at home, on a virtual campus, or take them to private school to get away from the core objectives.

Commentary: Considering common core. (2014, Jan 20). Journal Record. Retrieved from
Journal Record takes us through some of the reasons as to why we need to use the common core curriculum. It is pointed out that the common core teaches our children about the real world and what they are going to need to be prepared for the world as we know it when they get to be out on their own.

Greene, W. (2014, Mar 27). Wayne's world: