Common Core Pros And Cons

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The Common Core is a national high-quality academic standards for math and English language arts ‘ELA’ in the United States of America ‘USA’. The Common Core was made to address the problem of students graduating and passing required exit exams yet, they still needed remediation upon entry to college. The educational system in the U.S.A is disjointed and subpar leaving high school with varying degrees of knowledge and skills. This lack of educational bench-marks and standardization leaves students ill prepared to enter the workforce and college. The Common cores purpose is to prepare students for college and entry into the workforce. As of now it is too early to tell if the Common Core is good or bad for our education.
The Common Core is beneficial
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It also means that we will have a more educated society. This in turn improves the opportunity to break the poverty cycle. A more educated society also reduces the incidence of crime rates because people gain more opportunity to get good paying jobs, which means we will keep increasing the standard of living. In the article “Pros and Cons” it states, “The developers understand the effects of globalization and have prioritized educating students in being citizens of the world, not merely the areas in which they currently live.” To me this demonstrates that the Common Core realizes the importance of being well rounded in their education. This give the future workers a better chance to being productive members in the global economy. One of many positive outcomes of the Common Core is that students will receive preparation for taking standardized college entrance exams like the Scholastic Aptitude Test ‘SAT’, American College Testing ‘ACT’. In addition, the Common Core has a lasting impact of in higher education as evidenced with Graduate Management Admission Test ‘GMAT’ and, the Graduate Record Examination ‘GRE’. Moreover, the Common Core illustrates the logic and theory necessary to compete in a global economy. The Common Core is essential because standardized college entrance exams want more of students than just being able to spot the answer; now, they want the student to explain why the answer choice is correct. For example, in the math section of the SAT - Lynn O’Shaughnessy