Common Ore Grinding Gear and Direction for Use Essay

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1. Grate raymond mill
The composition of grate raymond mills of many specifications is basically the same. The cylinder of grate raymond mill is welded with steel plate of 18~36mm. The the two finish of your cylinder is welded with flange plate made of cast steel, and inside the cylinder, you can find lining boards produced of manganese steel, chromium steel, put on resisting cast iron or rubber. Among them, high manganese steel is broadly made use of plus the application of rubber continues to be in pilot stage.
2. Overflow grinding mill
The discharged ores of overflow grinding mill instantly flow out in the reduce edge with the hollow shaft and there's no need of putting in hefty grate. Also, to prevent balls and coarse ores inside raymond mill from being discharging collectively with ore pulp, there's backpitch blade about the inner surface of hollow shaft journal bush.
3. Rod mill
The rod mills presently utilized in ore beneficiation plant mostly have two forms: overflow style and open form, and also the former just one is broadly applied along with the latter is phased out. The framework of rod grinding mill is roughly exactly the same with overflow kind raymond mill plus the ore grinding media is rod.
4. Centrifugal grinding plant
Centrifugal grinding plant is a new style of high-efficiency ultrafine tools that is divided into vertical type and horizontal style. According towards the numbers of tubes, the former might be subdivided into single-tube kind and three-tube centrifugal grinding plant.
5. Vibrating ore grinder
Vibrating ore grinder functions