Common Sense Essay

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American History
Dr. Lucious Wedge
February 5, 2014
Common Sense Analysis In the novel: Common Sense, Thomas Paine addresses many points about the British government and how it is proclaimed to be fair and in the best interest of the people, but in reality Paine states that its actually not and that the Monarchy was too powerful. Paine says that people get society and government confused and that “society” is something that you strive for, and referred to the “government” as a “necessary evil.” The novel: Common Sense was produced in 1775-76 during the American Revolutionary War (1775-83), which the American Revolutionary War happened because the British 13 colonies and the Americans (colonial government) had tension between each other and the Americans and later the French helped for them to gain their freedom, but it was also said that the British also had slaves help them with the war promising them that if they helped they would be free after. Which I think this may be a reason why Paine had a reason to write Common Sense. I believe the book was wrote to not only inform the slaves about what was going on about the British and its government, but also to inform the rest of the colonies, and to give everyone a inside perspective towards the British and 13 colonies strict governmental laws/rules. Who would have read the book, I think slaves, Americans, French, and I believe the British may have even read it. What they may have taken away from reading common sense