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Common Sense Thomas Paine argues about American Independence in the pamphlet “Common Sense”. Paine pamphlet “Common Sense” encouraged many people to claim their freedom. The pamphlet “Common Sense” also helped explain what people gained over the Independence. Also the book was very important to the revolution because it led colonist to seek for independence. Lastly the book was published during the American Revolution and became very popular.
What is Government? Government is the “act or process of governing, especially the control and administration of public policy in a political unit”. In the other hand Society is “a group of people involved with each other through persistent relations, or a large group of people living in the same territory.” Paine starts by clarifying that “government is not like a society” (ushistory). He thinks that government is not necessary, and the only reason it exist is so people can’t behave. He believes if all people behaved with decency, we wouldn’t need government. Therefore, people are untrustworthily and that is why a government is fundamental to the protection of life and property. Next Paine makes us imagine a group of people who lack a government and isolates them from everyone else that does. Then he explicates that people would rather live together than separated. When society starts getting bigger people start behaving unmorally and government becomes necessary because a government helps establish rules and keep people in line. Later on the rules established become laws. Lastly Government’s major goal is to maintain security
Paine states the importance that colonist to become an independent nation. He believes that in order to form a society they need to separate from Britain. Paine argues that if they continue with Britain nobody will have a gain because it’s made up of “monarchy”. Britain just helps the colonies because they see a financial gain. Paine says that, by “declaring independence, America will be capable to inquire help of other countries in its battle for freedom” (ushistory). Paine states that it is essential and vital that the colonies declare independence.
Paine feels that it’s too late for the Americans to reconcile with Britain for many reasons. One of them is trade because other countries will not trade with America because of the relation with the British. Furthermore Britain will not protect Americans unless they are gaining or benefiting. Britain only offers help to countries that he sees have something they need or want. Thomas Paine also says that British form of government cannot keep tranquility with Americans any longer. For example the “king can pass a law “in America but he still has total power. Also that reconciliation will just