Communicating in the Workplace: Assignment Essay

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Assignment 1.1 from Chapter 1 of Communicating in the Workplace
Chart 1. Who was the sender? | Me | Who was the receiver? | Co-worker | What was the message? | Co-worker because you did not follow procedure and get a sign order approved by a supervisor I am going to put a note in your file that we had this conversation. | What channel was used to send the message? | Face to face | What was the misunderstanding that occurred? | The co-worker was very upset and telling other people that they were “written-up”. | Could the misunderstanding have been avoided? | Yes, if I had explained what the difference between a write-up and note in the file meant it would have helped the co-worker understand that a “write-up” is a formal document of reprimand and a note is just a reference to a discussion. |

1. I learned from this activity that the communication process is simple when you break-it down. When the communication process is on paper it is clear to see what was missed and what was missing. This communication chart could be useful when it is used in advance of an important discussion with a co-worker. 2. The main cause of the misunderstanding in this example was the lack of clarity in communication. The sender needed to explain the term “note”. The communication lacked explanation and was vague. Assumptions were made by the receiver because the message was vague. The receiver assumed they were being written up, which has more sever implications on reviews than a note. This assumption caused the receiver to be very upset.
Chart 2. Who was the sender? | Co-worker | Who was the receiver? | Company | What was the message? | “I am leaving on Friday September 3, 2012. If you need anything before then please let me know”. | What channel