Communicating Through Attire Essay

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Communicating Through Attire Many people have the ability of expressing their selves not only through words but also through their various apparels and what they put onto their bodies to express their inner selves. In this century, many people discriminate and look down upon an individual because of the way they dress and what they mandatorily have to wear due to religious rules. Many people also think if someone wears a certain type of clothing or brand, they are automatically stereotyped and labeled as certain type of person; however, in reality, people usually wear things they like, and can express themselves through their clothing. Finally, another big issue is how people are forced to wear a certain type of apparel due to their culture or religion. Society should never outcast and place them in individual groups just because they dress different from others. First off, society should never discriminate against an individual because they want to wear a particular type of clothing or dress a certain way. For example, if a girl would dress up in high heels and a nice dress to school, people would be awkwardly looking at her saying rude remarks underneath their breaths; however, that girl should be able to wear what she wants. She wore this outfit because she felt comfortable and good in her clothes. The main question is, why does someone have to judge people based off of what they wear? In the society that we live in today, people judge everything about a person based on what they own, what they wear, and how they carry themselves. For instance, if there was someone that had unpleasant looking clothes on and looked like bum, you would automatically think to stay away from that person and even conclude not to talk to them. Just because they are wearing clothes that do not fit your taste, it would never cross your mind that this person could be a multi-millionaire that likes to dress that way because it is comfortable for them. “Fashion is about owning whatever you're wearing, regardless of if it's a high fashion statement or not.”(Criss) On the other hand, there could be someone who is extremely dressed nicely and looks fancy all the time, but could be the total opposite of what you see and think of that certain individual. The nicely dressed person could be someone such as a kidnapper or any other crazy person in this world. Because of the way the society is today, people would judge these two individuals based off of what they wear causing those who falsely judge these two to involve themselves into a bad situation. People need to start getting to know each other through personality instead of just avoiding someone because they are dressed different from others. For example, a young man dressed decently with glasses would cause most of us to automatically assume he is smarter than a handful of us and will cause us to hesitate to ask him a question about a problem in class; however, he then raises his hand asking the same question we were suppose to ask him. This just shows that you can never judge someone off what they are wearing because many people wear certain types of clothing because they enjoy that style, or even because they feel comfortable in those clothes. Secondly, people wear certain clothes because they enjoy them or want to express themselves in a certain way. People misjudge individuals and how they are based on the clothes they are wearing. For instance, if you saw someone at a store with really extremely loose jeans and a huge baggy shirt, the first thing most people would assume is that this person could be someone looking for trouble or even a gang member. In today’s society, people who are usually wearing these certain type of clothing are gang members; however, we must ask ourselves, what if this certain type of person cannot afford other clothes or maybe they like that style and feel comfortable in those clothes? He should be able to wear what he wants and not have to worry about being…