Working As A Professional Care Worker And Commitment To Professional Development

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I am currently working as a care assistant In Sabir Care home. It is in my local borough in Lambeth. As a care worker I work inside care home to look after clients and I visit different clients home to give them support. I always identify and behave as a professional care worker and commitment to professional development. In this assignment I am going to discuss about one of patient Mr Kashem. He is an elderly man with several diseases and also suffering diabetics. He lives in Clapham, His wife died 2 years ago and he is 69 years old. After his wife died he is in stress and has some listening difficulties. Mr Kashem had a stroke nine Month ago and he had a disability. My client just has been diagnosed as a dementia patient. Mr Kashem has one daughter and one son, they both are married. His son lives in Australia and daughter lives in Manchester. Mr Kashem daughter visit him every month and other than he is totally alone. He is from Bangladesh and came to this country when he was 21 years old. His education was average and used to work as an official Clerk in London Muslim Centre. His weight is 75 kg and used in halal food. He is muslim and pray five time a day. I understand that as a social care worker being caring patients is an important thing and respect their belief. I respect my client as a old person and sometime I do mentoring as a care worker for his guidance and support. I promote my client view and wishes. Being a care worker I always respect diversity and different culture and value. As a care worker sometime I gave him choice for decision making and sometime I helped him to make decision. I always identify and behave as a professional care worker and commitment to professional development. After retired Mr Kashem can’t control his anger. I usually visit twice a week; my personal care to my patients is bathing, dressing and toileting. Also I do some cleaning and shopping for him.

1.1 Possible cultural and values which influence the way in communication with service users.
Culture is a part of identity that we all have. Culture is the character of a particular group of people, can be defined by everything from language, social habits, religion, music and arts. Knows a day in UK is populated massively by immigrant. Many group of people influence by culture and know make a better country. the age of globalization the workplace is becoming increasingly cross-culturally integrated making understanding and expertise in cross-cultural communication more crucial for exec all. (HubPages, 2014)

Value is the foundation of individual feelings, thoughts, attitude and beliefs. Values are related to individual behaviour, attitude formation, moral principles and decision making. As a human being by socialisation process value are learnt. Children learn value the ways when they brought up within their family and in society. Value also acquired through religious beliefs, political belief and secondary socialization when person grown up.
The cultural factors may have significant impact on effective communication in concept of my client Mr Kashem. The value and culture factors affecting the communication process of Mr Kashem are mention below as follow
For language Mr Kashem found it difficult to communicate properly because English his second language. He has some language difficulties in listening and writing. As a care worker when I visit him I talk with slowly and I repeat it unitil he got understand. When Mr Kashem visit to doctor I always make sure that there are interpreter available for him even any professional visit him for his health issue. As a care worker I order his medicine by phone and make sure there are enough stock for him.
Mr Kashem is a main person his family. He comes from big family and he was respected by all. He is socialized person and he feel proud of his personality. He is upset because of his son, he is in Australia. His son don’t want to come from Australia for