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What can be done to cure childhood obesity exacerbate by the excessive use of electronics?

Definition I. What do the terms of the question mean?
Childhood-The early stage in the existence or development of something.
Obesity-the condition of being fat or overweight.
Exacerbate- makes the problem worse.
Cure- Relieve of the symptoms of a disease or condition.
Electronics- circuits or devices using transistors, microchips, and other components.
Excessive-more than is necessary, normal, or desirable; immoderate.
Analysis II. What is the nature of the problem?
A. What are the facts of the present situation?
1. How can the present situation best be described?
a. What is going on?
More than 12.5 million children between the ages of 2 and 19 are obese.
Children using electronics when they were supposed to be asleep.
30.4% of low-income preschoolers are overweight or obese.
43 percent among the 2- to 5-year-old age group over the last 10 years.

b. Who is involved?
Children , parents of the children, society, doctors, and increasing
c. What kinds of difficulties exist?
As children are obesity it is hard for them to lose the weight as an adult and as of that accruing “Obesity is estimated to cause 112,000 deaths per year in the United States”
As a result of children being obesity they can develop Heart disease, type 2 diabetes, social discrimination.

d. When did the problem develop?
Childhood obesity all ways have been a problem in America, but “Over the past three decades, childhood obesity rates in America have tripled” do to new and better technology developing each and every decades. Not only does electronics case obesity their diet plays apart as well. Over all lifestyles have change over the pass decades.
e. Where is the problem most serious?
According to (CDC) “Hispanic boys and African-American girls are significantly more like to be obese than their non-Hispanic, white counterparts. Mexican-Americans, 38 percent; blacks, 34.9 percent; and whites, 30.7 percent.”
f. Have we presented enough factual information to make the nature of the problem clear?

I feel that childhood obesity is over looked do to parents having the mentality that they are just children they will grow out of it. I feel that school should play big role since children spend most of their day there.

2. How serious is the problem?
1. Is the problem important now?
It’s very important to have children play at least 60 minutes in a day to help cure childhood obesity because “ If we don't solve this problem, one third of all children born in 2000 or later will suffer from diabetes at some point in their lives.”

B. What are the causes of the problem?
1. What is the history of the problem?
Childhood obesity all ways have been a problem in America, but “Over the past three decades, childhood obesity rates in America have tripled”
2. What conditions brought it about?

C. What forces are at work to change the present situation?
1. What solutions have been tried?
a. How extensive have those attempts been?
I know the NFL has been promoting play 60 and since children watch television they are wanting to play more
“The FIT Kids Act would better integrate PE into the No Child Left Behind Act by encouraging schools to work towards the national goal of 150 minutes of PE per week for elementary school students and 225 minutes per week for students in middle and high schools”
“The AAP guidelines on screen time should be made more available in early childhood settings. Early childhood settings should be encouraged to adopt