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Chris Taylor

Communication Analysis Paper
(The Newsroom-American Freedom)

When asked a question, “can you say why America is the greatest the greatest country in the world?” Two of the speakers gave a direct answer as to why, while Will interrupted with an outburst as to why America was the worst country in the world. Spoke directly to the woman who asked why & sent a great message, giving exact information to the class which made him stand out. He grabbed the attention of the audience with a strong tone as if he was waiting to answer such a question. The audience was quiet, as most students heard his voice throughout the room. Recording him speak because he stated the facts behind Americas so called awesomeness which was really shocking & wrong doing by a country where we “think” we have freedom.

As Will put it in words about how America is seen being great, he used vulgar language. But was confident & bold in his statement. The other two professors tried to interrupt him because of his profanity, but as well as he spoke the truth they had no choice because they knew he was speaking the truth. His words spoke out loud & pointed out the reason why. Gave exact info & everybody heard what he had to say, the room was quiet & speechless. Replying to the question, “America is not the greatest country in the world.”

There’s not much that could’ve been done differently, he was bold & confident in what he said which is why the whole room sat & listened in shock. Other…