Communication and Basic Professional Standards Essay

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1. What advice would you offer Pete, the managing director?

I would offer Pete the advice that, since the company is growing they need to expand or move to a bigger location. You have to expand to accommodate the growth of the organization. There is absolutely no reason for payroll to be completed in public view. That brings in issues of non-compliance with employee confidentiality. Pete needs to appoint another manager or supervisor that can take control when he is not around. There needs to be someone available to take employee questions and concerns at all times. This will encourage the morale of the company.

2. What advice would you offer the staff to help them get their opinions heard in the current situation?

I would tell the staff to keep going to Pete. If they can’t get him to listen, then they need to have a meeting with both Bruce and Pete. With both shareholders in the same meeting, one of them has to listen and get the other person on the same page.

3. Do you think continuity and consistency are important in a professional organization?

Continuity and consistency are very important in a professional organization. Continuity is an activity performed on a daily basis to maintain service and consistency. Kamak has little continuity in the internal operations, which spilled over into the external image. Consistency is important, because it gives you the ability to measure performance. I don’t think I can go against continuity and consistency in an organization. Kamak didn’t have any consistency in the systems of their organization and that caused them to get behind the competition. Consistency allows you to get ahead of the competition.

4. What do you think should be the basic professional standards for organizational communication?

I think the basic professional standards should be actually having communication. Kamak didn’t seem to have any type of communication. Information wasn’t reaching people in the field, employees couldn’t reach the director. When there is open communication with all employees from top to bottom that…