Communication and Body Language Essays

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Ashley Martin

The Importance of Body Language
Every day we use a wide range of ways to communicate to those around us to show how we are feeling whether it’s verbal or nonverbal communication. Today’s world is about technology, who posted what on twitter and people would rather text someone than call them. In a world full of technology how do we show our feelings face to face? One way to show people our feelings is through body language. Body language is the way in which you show your feelings or thoughts to other people by means of position or movements of your body(CITE).
People are social beings, we can’t live without interactions with other people. Not spoken words can be louder than spoken ones, when I say this I mean that we can usually tell if someone likes us by the way they use their body language toward us rather than the words they speak to us. Someone can be lying when they are speaking to us, but their body language may even tell us that they are lying
You can tell a lot about a person by the way they use their body language. For instance, someone who is confident will most likely stand straight up with their hands on their hips. A shy person is usually closed off, slumped over and hiding their face with their hands or their hair. They will try to stay unnoticed to other people, in a submissive state. An angry person can be described through heavy breathing, crosses arms or even clenched fists ready to fight. . For instance, someone who is confident