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Effective Business Communication The topic of this essay is that effective business communication requires effective practices. This essay will focus on communication practices that can assist an organization in reaching its strategic goals and objectives. This article will present this topic by analyzing the communication theory, writing process and business writing style, team building and interpersonal communication, negotiation and persuasion techniques and intercultural communication. Good communication is vital for the success of business. Communication is not only the action of people talking, listening, feeling writing or reacting to each other, but also the transmission and reception of ideas, feelings, and attitudes-verbally or nonverbally-which produce a response. The forms of communication can include letters, telephone calls, e-mail, television, radio or a conversation face to face. When doing business, all these communication theory are necessary and effective to help to express people easily. As more people obtained the ability to read and write and letters became more available. Writing took a less practical role when doing business. And many people began to write for their business. Such deeds of writing help others to use their imaginations and express their thoughts when inconvenient to speak them. Only through trial and error or, simply put, “practice”, could customers and suppliers express themselves or share universal themes of concern to humankind. When written, words leave behind a record of what was said. This is important to modern-day society. For instance, almost all documentation is vital to our judicial systems and medical fields. The ability for each person to clearly “write” what needs to be included on a chart gives an informative report to go by in the event the business partner is not present. The writing steps are summed up to three steps: planning, drafting and editing. The first few paragraphs of an article are important to the rest of the text. Here you either win or lose your reader. The summary or synopsis is the major element. It contains the seed of the whole work, including the conclusions and recommendations. It is vital for the reader and also ensures concentration on the main structure by the writer. Writing well requires an understanding of the breakdown of the technical skills into specific order, such as placement, arrangement, correct style, tone, punctuation and good spelling, as well as an understanding of the person for whom the communication is composed. Editing includes checking words, grammar and syntax, and the basic format. A dictionary and a thesaurus are vital tools for any writer. Grammatical correctness will vary from one piece of writing to another as your purpose in writing changes. A correct format can make a good impression on the readers, which is a very effective tool of business communication. Business use formal e-mail to advertise their services. Such formal e-mail requires specific detail to attract potential clients. Bad grammar and misused words make an e-mail message hard to understand and leave the impression that the company is incompetent. Such messages generally find a quick route to the recycling bin. So a person must consider the reader—in this case it could literally mean almost anyone—before sending an e-mail message. Again, the ability to write well comes into play when communication to others. In business, methods of communication include letters, emails and memorandums. It is important that these methods are used correctly to ensure the accurate communication of the message while maintaining professional practices. (Argenti, P.A. & Forman, J.,2010) Team building and interpersonal communication are very effective in business communication. Organizations need to produce timely, high-quality output at a reasonable cost. They must develop new approaches and skills in order to survive and grow in an environment of