Communication and Children Essay

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There are many ways adults can effectively support and extend speech, language and communication development in children. It is important for the adult to adapt language according to the child’s needs and abilities but some children don’t have English as a first language and they may require the adult to point to objects. For example when speaking to a toddler they would simplify the sentences for them to understand, where as some older children understand harder sentences. For example to a 1 year old you may hold out a biscuit and say the word where as an older child you would say ‘would you like a biscuit’. Giving children the time and opportunity to communicate is important because they can think about things they are taking about and say everything they need to say. Some children would require you to sound out all the words but then you must get them to copy you so they understand the words and use more vocabulary.


Having adult support can have an impact on the child’s overall emotional development and wellbeing. They become much more self-confident and in turn sociable meaning that they can make and maintain friendships easier. Being more confident in school and early learning settings allows them to feel more secure and comfortable and therefor will be more likely to perform well. Improvements in children’s speech and language are also likely to improve including extending vocabulary. Children will also feel more comfortable to communicate, children who can communicate effectively will get less frustrated and be less likely to act out and have behavior problems. This could help the child with their confidence if they can just talk about anything with anyone. They can also understand how to control emotions and develop new emotions.


We should be flexible when developing communication friendly spaces. These spaces should be