Essay on Communication and Close Friends

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COMMUNICATION Victoria Wilt COM 200: Interpersonal Communication June, 9, 2013

It is important to have good communication with anyone, who’s everybody, no matter where you are, whether it is at home, hanging with friends, work, and even school. It is a known fact, and according to our reading that ‘’people may think loved one’s understand them better than they actually do.’’ With this statement here I agree with to the fullest. I think that the most important kind of communication is between you and loved one, specifically a girlfriend/ boyfriend, and or husband/ wife. There are people who seem to think different about that, according to our reading it is said by them that ‘’ spouses sometimes communicate with each other no better than strangers do.’’ There was a time where I had a miscommunication with someone close to me, who is my boyfriend. I and my boyfriend had a miscommunication about something so stupid. He was trying to explain something to me that I clearly had a hard time understanding him and his point of view on the given subject we were talking about. It came down to it that the reason why I had a hard time seeing his point of view was because the way that he was expressing himself, I was having a hard time understanding it. How I can make sure that this kind of miscommunication doesn’t happen in the future is. I can simply sit down and calmly explain to him that when we are having a conversation to talk to me more in a way that I would understand, by talking not so fast, and taking his time on what he is trying to say. Sometimes when I talk to my boyfriend it’s not as easy to talk to him, then it is with my close friends or a family member I guess it’s because they know me so much better than he does, and