Communication and Collaboration Strategies Essay examples

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Communication and Collaboration Strategies

There are many personality types that determine which learning styles work best for individuals. Depending on a person’s personality type, different learning style strategies can help develop effective communication and collaboration skills. These skills can also help an individual with their ability to work within a group, on how to communicate and work with group members. Many types of learning styles help many individuals develop communication and collaboration skills. One of my learning styles was musical, which shows that I love to listen to music, and that I can concentrate with music while I work on my assignments. And effective strategy I can use could be to play classical or even relaxing music while I work on homework or do my reading for school. I find that I can concentrate more with rhythm and sound around me. Being interpersonal was another learning style that resulted from the questionnaire. I work well with other people in group environments, I understand people’s view points and opinions and I am able to make people feel comfortable around me. With this learning style you are able to learn a lot from other people’s opinions and from their view points; you gain perspective from a point of view that you never thought of. Different types of people come to me to help them with their conflicts, which may help me learn from their experiences so that they won’t happen to me. You are able to learn a lot from people when you interact and talk, and even just listen. Your personality type also determines which learning style will work best for you, it is very important to determine which personality type is mostly like you. In my results I found that I am a giver, which means that I am a caring and loyal person. People come to me for help and advice because I am dependable and they are able to feel comfortable talking because they know I will listen and try to…