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Communication and Crisis Paper
Jacqueline Nushi
March 9th, 2015
Terri De Wees
Communication and Crisis Paper
Good Morning, I am Jacqueline Nushi the director of the Office of Emergency Services for Siskiyou County. Today our community and the outlying areas of our county of Siskiyou, is facing a crisis of water supplies contamination. Towns such as Granada and Big Springs water supplies have already been contaminated with a biological agent called Legionnaires. I am task with the job of addressing both the media and the public our contingency plans for this crisis. Communication will be the key to resolving this crisis both internally and externally. “Crises represent serious threats to the most fundamental goals of an organization and its stakeholders. These events are unexpected and sometimes unpredictable. No matter what the size of an organization, a crisis interrupts normal business and damages corporate reputation; it can imperil future growth, profitability, and even the company’s survival” (Fatima Oliveira, M. d. 2013).
Let me begin with naming the individuals or groups that will be participating within this agency, as well as outside of this agency. It is critical to communicate updates to our stakeholders and the media. We must be prepared for all questions from the media, “anticipating the need for specific facts and figures that reporters could be seeking is also wise” (Hicks & Nicols, 2012, p. 131).
The different agencies involved in investigating this crisis will be the County, State and Federal