Communication and Good Idea Essay

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Aspects that you may wish to agree upon
Use this side for notes
Group name

The mark that your group aims to get for Portfolio one.

What the above will require from each member

How often will group meetings be held?

Where and when will group meetings be held?

How the work will be divided


Consequences for not finishing allocated task to an acceptable standard

Dismissing a team member: it would be a good idea to agree upon the circumstances under which a team member may be dismissed from the group if they breach the agreed ground rules. The rules of natural justice must be observed. You may wish to consider the following: The team member must be given a warning first (preferably in writing) and have a chance to rectify their behaviour. If that does not work then the team member must complete the assignment on their own. All material that was produced by the team up until the person is dismissed belongs to everyone and therefore the dismissed person can use it.

Consequences for not doing allocated task at all

Consequences for being late/not attending meetings

How you will communicate

Communication rules (e.g. respect, time required to respond to messages etc)

How you will make sure that assignment is submitted on time

How you will resolve conflict

Appeal procedure

Who will be the “liaison person” i.e. who will