Communication and Halcyon House Plymouth Essay

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|Tell us a little about the project you are seeking TT help with : |
|We are running a pilot Apprentice scheme this year with about 15/20 Apprentices. They are only in services in England and will be for a period of 12|
|months. |
|Who is leading the project (name/contact no.)? |
|Lisa Hall is the project lead, with close support from Liz Gibson (Assistant HRBP) and Nicola Sowerby (Assistant HRBP). |
|How many people you need? : |
|1 |
|What level of top talent employee do you need for this project? : |
|Someone who can communicate with SM’s to ensure that the Apprentice is keeping on track. They need to be able to challenge SM’s to make sure they |
|are being effectively managed and not just there to complete admin type tasks. They need to be able to speak to the Apprentice to understand how |
|they are progressing through the project and identify any concerns the Apprentice has as early as possible. |
|Are there any specific skills/knowledge requirements needed? |
|Strong verbal communication skills. |
|What commitment is needed in terms of time? |
|There are around 20 pilot sites and it is expected that the TT person speaks to the SM and the Apprentice once in the first month of the Apprentice |
|starting (Aug/Sept). Therefore 30 mins per call, per SM and Apprentice = around 20 hours in the first month, then a similar amount of time 3/6/9 |
|month later. There is also a requirement to spend around 3 to 4 hours analysing the data, looking at trends and presenting findings. |
|Would you like any form of selection process of just an open request? |
|Open request |
|Is there a closing date for any interest (please give information)? |
|2nd August, 2013 |
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|Any other information you think is applicable to this request |
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|Once we have a clear indication