Communication and Nieces Softball Team Essay

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The first part in improving your communication is pinpointing what areas you are strong in, and what areas your need improvement in. In general, I am a reliable and think analytically about most issues. I make decisions based off facts and things that have been proven before. A lot of the traits I have are also very similar to my supervisor at work. He is very efficient in what he does and the decisions that he makes. He shows us to work at the same time every day, and reviews the routes before making his decisions on where to send us. After reviewing my results from the assessment, I agree with the strengths it determined I had, such as a visionary, and outgoing. People naturally look to me for answers, and I would like to provide them with solutions. A lot of responsibility falls on those who are in this position and looked upon as natural leaders, and in order to build upon this strength, I plan to take on different types of tasks outside of my comfort zone in order to be a more well rounded leader. I will do this by coaching my nieces softball team this fall, and expanding my social network to build new work relationships. In the long run, I would like to develop better skills in communicating my particular viewpoints to people. When I have an idea about something, I say it to myself in my head and it makes sense, but when I try to communicate it to others, I sometimes say it to quickly, or leave out key bits of information. These missing links between communication