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Assignment 301 – Task A

To express emotions
To ask questions
To socialise
To give information

As a carer, I communicate to service users their options for the day, such as food and activity and they express their opinions to me. The relationship is based on me taking what they have told me into consideration, which provides them with what they want.
Communication between my colleagues is important, as we have to effectively give information relevant to the day in a handover and this can result in things being picked up that may otherwise have been missed.

Care Plan – This should be a good indicator on how the individual responds and how they like to communicate. It should be kept up-to-date and relevant. Any special tools or methods should be detailed. This method benefits when kept in mind during practical work.
Asking directly – When meeting a person, you can quickly gauge their immediate response when you meet them. They may choose not to communicate with you straight away, so this may not be completely effective at first.
Asking a colleague – Asking someone who already works with an individual has an advantage, as it is a personal experience and you may learn something that has not been picked up before. However, the individual may only respond a certain way with certain people and you may not get all relevant information.

Disabilities – Be aware of any disabilities a person may have that can affect the way they communicate and respond appropriately.
Cultural differences – Different cultures have different ways of communicating and some things may be acceptable to us, but not to other cultural backgrounds. This should always be noted when communicating.
Environment – If it is loud and you are whispering to someone, they will find it difficult to understand you. Where appropriate, you should use another form of communication (signing) or find somewhere quiet. Other factors can impede effective communication, such as temperature and brightness; ensuring these are at a comfortable level will promote good, clear communication.


It is important to respond to an individual’s reactions when communicating because it shows that you are listening and it shows to you that the person has understood what is being communicated to them. Often a person’s body language can tell you if a person is comfortable or not, especially if they are not communicating verbally. If you respond to a person’s reactions when communicating, then you can gauge any information they may want to go over or any further explanation that may be needed. It also builds a relationship where the individual knows that they are important.

Some people’s backgrounds can affect the way they communicate and who they communicate with. In some religions, a woman cannot be left alone with a man and sometimes may not even make eye contact with him. If someone comes from a particularly traumatic background, they may find it uncomfortable to talk to someone who reminds them of it. These differences should be respected and allowances should be made where possible and appropriate.

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