Communication and Philosopher Alfred Korzybski Essay

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Poor communication can affect relationships in the worst ways at times. Being together and happy cannot happen if the words you speak aren’t understood by the other person. Communication is absolutely key in any aspect of life but most importantly when speaking with your spouse. Communication is most certainly not a one-way street. In the article Savitsky states that, "Some couples may indeed be on the same wavelength, but maybe not as much as they think. You get rushed and preoccupied, and you stop taking the perspective of the other person, precisely because the two of you are so close." If you don’t stop to truly listen to what the other person is saying, regardless of how close you are, you will never truly understand and know what they are thinking and feeling. Communication isn’t just about spoken words it is also verbal, mental, and even physical in some aspects. Twentieth century philosopher Alfred Korzybski (1958) suggested that you can become a better communicator if you are aware of what you and others are doing when you communicate, expected to be misunderstood and to misunderstand people, and recognize that communication is a process that you must constantly work to avoid misunderstandings. These are excellent points to consider in any type of aspects in life regardless if it is with work, your friends, family, or your spouse. If you do not take into consideration that at times you may be misunderstood and that at times you may misunderstand others you will truly never be able to communicate effectively. There have been times in my life that I have been misunderstood by my spouse and most certainly misunderstood her. A perfect example of miscommunication between me and my spouse would be when we have discussed simple tasks in our house that need to be completed. I may make a statement such as “well hun we need to really get working on the house there are a lot of things that need to be done today” and she will simply state “well that’s fine I’m going to head to the store I’ll be back in a little let me know if you need any help with the house.” To me it’s like I just received a big slap in the face for the simple fact that in my head I stated that the house needed to be cleaned or picked up and we would be doing it together but she took it as though I was stating I planned on cleaning the house today. It is…