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Communication Analysis: Rhetorical and Cultural

Black and Decker power tools may be considered subpar, but they are a well-known successful company and a household name. We have come to a better understand of the marketing strategies, the flaws, and the success of the Black and Decker company by interpreting their cultural and rhetorical language. We analyzed the advertisements; the consumer reviews, the packaging, and observed user interactions to get a cultural and historical background. Black and Decker products are a commonly purchased with 10 billion dollars annual revenue reported by Stanley Black and Decker 2011 Annual Report. Our team, The Smiths, has specifically analyzed was the Black & Decker’s 12V Smart Select Drill, which provides us with a inexpensive yet functional drill that receive various mix reviews from online research and user interaction interviews. Low retail prices of Black and Decker drills expand market demographics to college students, first time drill users, and small project need basis. Over the life span of the product, the battery life and quality issues was consistent expressed in on online user reviews at and interviews with expert power tool user, Brad. Power tools are very common items in households. Out of the many types of tools, the cordless drill is one of the most commonly used. Because of this, many companies have produced different brands of cordless drills. Most companies focus on long lasting products or powerful, sturdy tools, but Black and Decker tried a different approach. They made tools that were cheap and affordable. This would seem like a poor choice, because power tools are supposed to be strong and long lasting. So, one would think that there wouldn’t be a big market of cheap tools. However, Black and Decker has become a fortune 500 company from the affordable equipment.
The Black and Decker 12V power drill is not meant for professions using power tools on a daily basis, as this drill would not allow them to work efficiently. This is evident by the product’s two-year warranty. In our interview and interactions with Brad, the machinist, stated that he does not see this product as having any uses in his shop. Actually, the blue-collar professionals make a relativity small percentage of the power tool market as compared to the open market in general.
From our team’s user interaction map, we gain some insight to the target demographics of our power drill. There are three main types of people who would buy Black and Decker tools: first time users, college graduates starting a new home, and people who need a tool for a small project. Bob “Bob in Big Bear Ca” from user product review section wrote, “for small household projects this is all I'll be needing and would recommend this drill/driver to anyone looking to use for the same.” First time users wouldn’t know what kind of power tool to look for when they first begin. They would go for whatever was cheapest to avoid the most risk economically. Black and Decker are also well designed to make operating their tools easily. The power tool we choose has a straightforward pistol design, and only one gear setting to avoid confusion. Simple pictures of key features are display on the product’s packaging with short captions explains product’s function. From user product review section of the Black and Decker 12v power drill, Littlehurler wrote, “I am new to the home improvement game… I can say it does the trick for me.” When people first move into a house of their own, they may need to make adjustments, in order to make their new house feel like a home. So, they would make small repairs and add new features like putting up shelves on a wall. Also, it is important to keep a tool around the house if something were to come up. If something did come up and there was power tool around that could be used, then the owner of the house would