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Micro Session Evaluation

Within my lesson I had a class with 5 learners, which was great for my planned session as I used a teaching method of using buzz groups where I then split the learners into 2 groups one group of 2 and one group of 3. As a good tutor I set my lesson with an aim and objective to achieve and I gave an effective explanation, so they understood the objective. One of the key elements of setting a goal for my learners is to achieve a success, setting the class targets can give them something to thrive up on and thrive towards. Setting an objective will help you focus on what you really want and it will help you appreciate what you need to do in order to achieve your goal. The learners need to be able to observe the demonstration at different angles. I also have to observe the class making sure that they are all at safety and making sure there is no one putting other people at risk, mainly observing their work to see if they are following the lesson objective. I laid down aims of the session which were ‘to gain an understanding of how the use of imagination can be used when working with others in a team’. The objective was for them to improve their team work and communication skills, for the learners to then deliver a short presentation on their paper airplane they will be making. When I was tutoring the participants they were my responsibility to ensure that none of them were at any danger of hurting themselves. I was responsible for giving them effective explanations and the correct way of them doing the task set. I was an educator to the participants as I gave them every bit of detail on the task I set them.

In my session I used a teaching method of what is known as Lassiez-faire. Which is a French phrase which is used to describe a leader who leaves his or her colleagues to get on with there work, it can be affective if the leader monitors what has been achieved and communicates this back to his or her team, in which individual are experienced and skilled self starters unfortunately it can also refer to situations where managers are not exerting sufficient control. I used a number of skills for tutoring the participants, the first skill I used was communication as I needed to communicate with the participants, make the task clear to them so they understand and know what to do. The second main skill I used was organisation as I needed…