Communication and Sleeper Effect Essay

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Tutorial Questions
1. What factors influence the perceived credibility of an informal communications source? List and discuss factors that determine the credibility of formal communications sources of product information.
Source credibility is affected by:
1.The perceived intentions of the source
2.Are they non-profit or independent?
3.Overall reputation, expertise and knowledge
4.Brand image
5.Choice of spokesperson (endorser).
The perceived honesty and objectivity of the source of communication has an enormous influence on how the communication is accepted by the receiver. The major factors are perceived intention of source, correct use of celebrity endorsements, brand image, overall reputation, expertise and knowledge, the source are non-profit or independent.
2. What are the implications of the sleeper effect for the selection of spokespersons and the scheduling of advertising messages?
The sleeper effect is the tendency for persuasive communication to lose the impact of source credibility over time. In terms of choice for a spokesperson, it is a good idea to select a controversial and famous person that will stick in the consumers mind. The ads should be scheduled first in the commercial block because people tend to remember them the most in comparison to the commercials played in the middle and end of the show. 3. Virgin Airlines uses both magazines and Internet to promote its discount airline business. How would you measure the advertising effectiveness of the two media for promoting the service? Which is likely to be more effective?
The internet creates a great increasing group of customers. However, the growth of junk emailing, email viruses and worms have limited the effectiveness of this medium. Therefore, the traditional media