Communication and Sports Agent Essay

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Austin Veal
Elyse M. Warford-Spearman
COMS 150
29 September 2014
Career Application Paper
Being a sports agent is about knowing people and making money, and it can certainly has its ups and downs. As a sports agent, I could earn almost six figures and work independently with varied responsibilities. At the same time, the field is competitive, and I will likely have to travel a lot and work an irregular schedule to meet with clients and network.
Generally sports agents represent and promote athletes to employers. For example, handle contract negotiations and other business-related tasks for your clients, and you might schedule public performances or promotional events for them. Agents typically meet with their clients to develop strategies for career growth and explain what they can do for their clients and why. Not only will I need to sell my client to potential employers, I will have to sell myself to the client to convince him or her that I am the best person to handle his or her representation. I will negotiate endorsement deals, arrange travel plans and generally coordinate my client's schedule. Communication is key to success, so I need to keep in contact with my client and many other parties to make sure that all plans run as scheduled. I will need a strong knowledge of sales, marketing, media, economics and customer service. On average, the annual salary is $96,410 and in California the average wage is $127,930.

When you are a sports agent, you need about every aspect of communication you can think of. For example, intra and interpersonal communication, group and team communication, public communication, organizational communication, mass communication, ect. In this career you must be confident and able to talk to anyone and everyone you meet in your everyday professional career. You can not get nervous and you can not be shy when it comes to making new connections and potential clients.
Nonverbal communication is also a huge factor in this field