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204. Communicate in a business environment.

204.1 Understand the purpose of planning communication.
1.1 Explain reasons for knowing the purpose of communication.
The purpose of communication is to understand each other. A good communication is important in my workplace to meet deadlines, provide sufficient training and also to build good relation between colleagues and other departments.
As a Specialist Administrator I have to have a good communication skills to communicate clearly within my team. This is also needed when I’m providing a training to a new starters. Last month the Estonian girl joined our team and it was also my responsibility to provide a sufficient training. Thanks to good communication Natalia quickly understood her role within the team and started to work independently.
1.2 Explain reasons for knowing the audience to whom the communication is being presented.
Knowing to whom I’ll be communicating with will help me in finding the appropriate method and level of communication.
For example when I’m communicating with my admin colleagues I’m using clear and easy to understand language to make sure they understand what the targets are along with my expectations are, but also, how much I appreciate they contribution to the team.

1.3 Describe different methods of communication

We distinguish between two types of communication verbal and non verbal:
Verbal: Oral and written communication.
Oral – Ebay team meetings, PDR, 1-2-1
Written – Emails, notes, memos,
Non Verbal communication: overall body language, body posture, hand gestures, facial expressions.

1.4 Describe when to use different methods of communication
Oral Communication: I use oral communication every day with my direct admin colleagues to talk about ideas, targets and customer issues.
Every day in the morning I am having a quick briefing with my colleagues where we are planning a day. We are deciding where to allocate the resource and how to resolve outstanding customer issues.

Written communication: I use written communication when I am distributing KPI’s to my colleagues and also when I’m communicating with my manager.
When my manager is asking me to complete the task I am sending him an email confirmation when the task is completed and what the outcome was.

I use nonverbal communication when I am talking to someone and I am making sure that I am coming across as confident and professional. The body posture and tone of my voice can indicate whether the communication is formal or informal.
204.2 Understand how to communicate in writing.

2.1 Identify different source of information that may be used when preparing written communication

Information can be sourced from the reports, blogs, diary entries, letters, emails, newspapers, interviews, surveys and internet. These are the primary sources and these are actual evidence that hasn’t undergone any changes.
At work to prepare my written communication I am using the Business Object reports, Sales records from eBay and details about the warehouse team performance, emailed to me by the Warehouse Specialist.

2.2 Describe the communication principles for using electronic forms of written communication in a business environment

Electronic forms of written communication are emails and faxes. Anything which is stored or transmitted electronically are forms of data or communication.

I am choosing electronic communication to exchange information that are important and I have to be sure that this information was provided to my colleagues. It is a good way of the formal communication.
Before I go on holiday I’m sending a handover email to my colleagues and manager to make sure that the person who will be dealing with my duties is aware of all my outstanding tasks and deadlines. Also, I have a proof that these information has been distributed.

2.3 Describe the reasons for using language that suits the purpose of written communication

The main reason of using the language that suits the purpose of