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1. In what way would you support a young person who had come way off his base line in response to a communication with yourself or another?
One YP often comes of his baseline due to issues over the watching of television in the morning before school. The unwanted behaviour normally consists of insulting particular staff member, slamming doors, shouting and returns to his bedroom. When this happens, I find the best way of supporting him to calm down is to go and speak with him one to one. Ask him what is wrong! Why is he angry! Etc.
2. How do you support the YP to express how they want to communicate with others?
With reference to the incident mentioned in question 1. I would go and speak with the YP in his room, making sure that we will not be disturbed by other YP or staff. This particular YP will continue with the unwanted behaviour (if other YP or staff tries to enter his room) before he returns to baseline. I speak with him ask him if he understands that his behaviour was not kind and not acceptable. I would ask how he would feel about resolving this matter and maybe apologising to YP or staff concerned. He more often than not apologies then continues with his normal routine.
3. What method of communication would be effective when challenging discrimination?
An example of discrimination is where a colleague told me that one YP had referred to another YP as a ‘spas’. YP calling each other names is a common example of discrimination. In this circumstance I would speak and explain to the YP that the word used - despite being used within their school environment, is not a kind or fair way to refer to someone. If a member of staff used an inappropriate term of phrase which was offensive, I would speak with them directly. Maybe they did not understand their comment to be offensive. Suggest that maybe they think about what they were trying to say and re-phrase it.
4. What environment is most effective for communicating complex information?
I would try to find a quite environment, a place where