Communication: Broadcasting and United States Essay example

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Communication The evolution of communication has severely changed our world. The ability to talk to someone from all the way around the world over the telephone is incredible, or how you are able to send someone an e-mail and they can send another one back within just seconds of their time. Communication was very helpful for political views around the world. Ruling systems found it incredibly helpful because they were able to contact people they are working with without wasting much time just waiting for an answer. They also found it helpful to have other ways other than radio to contact those people. As the computer and telephone came into action contacting people became just that much easier and the ability to get things done around the world was way more efficient. Intellect views became a lot more advanced and trustworthy. In the beginning radios and letters were the way majority of the people communicated in the 1920s. But as time went on the telephone and computers came into action and now are the most reliable and most efficient way to communicate with people from all corners of the earth. Most advances in communication were discovered here in the United States. For example in 1921 the first broadcasting stations were opened and were able to be herd all around the world. But there were also new discoveries from other places other than the United States. In 1931 first electronic television broadcasts were aired in Moscow, Russia. Not only were these just great accomplishment for people to get news out, but they were great accomplishments for the people from all around the world to receive information and to know what is going on around them. During all of the research for finding out how to advance our communication throughout the world, almost everyone involved spent a lot of money in order to try to advance their ideas into making something great. Unfortunately it did not always work so people were losing a lot of money. In order to gain that money back, the people who had discovered information on how to make communication better, traded some of their ideas to other people in order for money or other resources. This gave them the ability to keep searching for information to make communication that much better for everyone. But once communication became advanced and more and more advancements were made people from all around starting buying these new products like the telephone or the computer in order to make their life easier by being able to communicate with people. The people involved in the evolution of communication have made a lot of money and have greatly benefitted