Communication: Business Research Essay

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Janay Garcia

Describe the selected issue, opportunity, or problem facing the organization.
Communicating: an action by which most complain there is a lack of in their environment but does not possess the knowledge or motivation to improve. Communication produces a better understanding; it means there is a connection amongst others. Communication within an organization is vital to its success; lack thereof can be detrimental. When there has been a loss of communication within, an organization will start to see a few symptoms surface. Employees will no longer be aligned with the mission and vision of the organization. Collaboration amongst a team will no longer be productive which will lead to poor planning or an overwhelming workload. A lack of respect for deadlines will soon appear. Products will then miss the standard set due to poor work habits. These symptoms and causes have become all too familiar in an advancing, technological world that allows multiple ways of communicating successfully.
Perhaps Jim Lukaszewski (2006) describes the problem best:
The greatest continuing area of weakness in management practice is the human dimension. In good times or bad, there seems to be little real understanding of the relationships between managers, among employees, and interactions between the two. When there are problems, everyone acknowledges that the cause often is a communication problem. So now what?
Discuss the significance, scope, magnitude, and feasibility of finding a solution to the issue, opportunity, or problem. So now what? If an organization wants to see change, it is imperative for the executives and managers to fully understand the benefits of successful communication; understanding the benefits produces the motivation. The performance of their employees will improve significantly. The cultural environment within their organization will become more pleasant and feasible for employees to give their best high-quality work. Better collaborations during meetings will have